Welcome to the  Mohawk Shared Services 2big4email File Transfer System.

The 2big4email tool allows you to easily share files with others. 

To use 2big4email: 
  1. Upload the file(s) you want to share.  The maximum size is 2GB and multiple files are allowed.
  2. Once the file(s) have been uploaded, both sender and recipient(s) will receive an automatically generated link to the document(s).
  3. The link will allow sender and recipient(s) to come to the 2big4email site and download the file(s) to their computers.
    For security reasons, the link will expire in seven days.  The sender will receive an automatic notice of delivery and a reminder of the expiry date for the file(s).
  4. An added security option is available by setting a unique password that the sender must provide separately to the recipient(s).

Users of this service are fully responsible for the content of the files and any consequences resulting therein.  Unauthorized use is prohibited by law. For more information, please consult the Acceptable Use Policy for this website.

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